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Publiglobe for Zodiac at the Salone Internazionale biennale sulle piscine e le spa

Water as an experience of life, health and fun. Using this concept, Publiglobe develops a campaign event for Zodiac Pool Care, the leader in innovative products and services for swimming pools.

The brand will be present at the “Salone Internazionale biennale sulle piscine e le spa“, which will be held at the Euroexpo in Lyon from the 13th to the 16th of November, 2012, with three diverse stands to highlight the vast expertise of the group. The construction project, designed by Publiglobe, aims to highlight the values ​​of the brand through an innovative, professional and playful way, embodying the slogan “Enjoy the experience”.

A sensory experience structured as follows: we start with an Innovation Stand, conceived as a multimedia showcase which highlights Zodiac’s innovative talent and welcomes visitors by creating the first contact with the company.

We continue with the Institutional Stand, the core exhibition stand, where the products will be presented in such a way as to highlight their qualities and unique characteristics.  This activity will be supported by animation events and tastings that will revolve around the slogan “Enjoy the experience”.

Lastly, the Swimming Pool Stand will be the end point of the experience, where visitors will have the opportunity to view the products in the ambient in which Zodiac excels: the water.

“In a world in which relations are increasingly virtual, the media event aims to immerse people in the presentation, live, into the center of the communication strategy.”

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