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Publiglobe Ltd is an integrated communications agency providing branding, marketing and advertising services to companies and local authorities. It is a consolidated network which is continually expanding. At the moment Publiglobe is made up of 14 branches (10 of which are based in Italy and 4 around Europe). These branches share an organizational and well developed approach aimed at combining direct knowledge of local markets with a broader understanding of global trends within the field of marketing. Thanks to its multidisciplinary team, Publiglobe is able to handle complex and ambitious projects completely in-house, taking advantage of cutting-edge technology in a dynamic process that combines a number of different approaches while emphasizing creativity in design and the utilization of advanced technologies.


Further developing and spreading our organizational model, which seeks to maximize resources by involving professionals from a number of different markets, and creating a network through which these professionals can exchange experiences, resources and know-how.

Creating a strong network of partnerships both in Italy and abroad in order to meet every kind of need.

Strengthening an internationalization process designed to build a bridge between Italian and European enterprises with the aim of combining the “made in Italy” creative approach with the specificities of local markets.


Sharing solutions along with practical and successful ideas at all levels creates a culture of innovation which guarantees the constant improvement of the efficiency and performance of the company.

That is the advantage of having one person as a point of reference who is responsible for every stage of the project, starting from the strategy and ending with the delivery of the product or service.

An integrated approach in terms of Strategy, Design and Technology ensures every communications project turns out to be unique, original and efficient.

Made in Italy
Italian companies and enterprises are generally considered to be stylish, creative and fashionable within international markets.
Operating within an increasingly complex and globalized environment, the creativity of the “made in Italy” approach represents a successful factor when it comes to carrying out communications projects.

A corporate culture focused on excellence, results and a strong work ethic allows for the management of high-quality projects so that major objectives can be achieved.